25 Vital AdSense Approval Requirements In 2023

Here You Go! The essential AdSense approval requirements in the year 2023 you should know. Follow this step-by-step guide to get quick AdSense approval after applying. I bet you after reading this article if you follow all the steps written here, no one can stop you from getting Adsense Approval.

This is a long step-by-step process with so many special tricks. Don't skip anything if you really want to get your website/blog approved by Google Adsense. 

It was back in 2010 when I applied for Adsense. It was my 1st blog which was a download site. I got approval after 8 days and you know how was feeling? Can't describe it in words. Well, recently in 2019 I applied for Adsense which was my client's site, and surprisingly it was rejected. Meanwhile, I didn't audit his blog since it looked okay.

After rejection, I was a bit surprised because by then I got at least 15 Adsense approval with a first try. I couldn't believe it. Anyways I have started auditing that site.

I have audited that site to find out the reason behind Adsense rejection. Finally, after 1 month I was able to get approval. Huh! During this audit, I researched a lot and found so many things that surprised me. I have learned a lot of things that made me feel like Adsense approval is easy. Unfortunately, most bloggers avoid learning and fail. I wish you are not one of them.

It's not like you try and try for months and get approved after several rejections. Why not you become 100% sure that you will get approval and then apply? Psychologically it makes you frustrated if you get rejected that is why I came up with this definitive guide on Adsense approval techniques. It will help you to understand how Adsense chooses its publishers.

Table of Contents

Read and follow all the tweaks or tricks whatever you say. Work in this manner and then apply for Adsense. Don't miss or skip any point. I assure you that you will get approval within a week. Let's get started.

adsense approval requirements

Why Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best ad networks for its higher profit-sharing facility. Google pays almost 70% of the total revenue to the publisher (blogger like us) which is huge.

Most importantly, Google is now an ecosystem. Whatever you do online somewhere you are connected with google. Due to this popularity, most advertiser loves to invest in Google Ads. This means as a publisher you will get numerous advertisements that make sure your readers will see relevant ads while browsing.

Do You Know? : How To Make Money From Blogging? 

Advertisers get a good ROI from Google Ads so they invest here a lot. And it is simple where there are more advertisers there is money. So using Google Adsense as a blog monetization method is profitable and kind of mandatory nowadays. If you think about affiliates that's a different area. Among advertising networks, Google is the best.

Official Google Adsense Approval Requirements

Why do I say, official? Because these are must-have said by Google and you must follow this. Google has introduced these prerequisites during its Adsense journey. I will share special Google Adsense approval tricks in the latter part of this article. Read both to get the ultimate idea and understanding of Adsense.

Let's start with the things that Google wants from you.

Use Top Level TLDs

If you already know what TLD (Top level domain) is, then you can skip this point. If you are fresher in the blogging industry then you have at least heard about the domain. For example, google.com where .com is the domain. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is maintaining the Root Zone Database with more than 1500 top-level domains.

Including .com, .net, .org, .xyz, etc there is numerous top-level domain registered at Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Now which are not considered at top-level domain.

Domains like .blogspot.com, and .wordpress.com are not Top-level domains. These are subdomain from Blogspot & Wordpress. If you start a free blog on this subdomain Adsense will not get your site approved. So buy a domain name and this is the first requirement of getting Adsense approval.

Your age should be over 18

If you are under 18 you can not open an Adsense account and thus there is no question of getting approval. If you are an early-age blogger and getting traffic in your blog you can not monetize with your personal Adsense account.

You can open an account with your Father, Mother, or whoever is older and have a national identity card and TIN (Tax identification number). So to open an Adsense account you must be 18+.

Site Ownership

You should be the owner of the site you are applying for. This is a basic rule, right? No point in applying for another's sites. This is just a basic requirement because you need to implement codes, and scripts provided by Adsense to make sure your site is connected with the Adsense account. Without ownership of your site, you can not do that. Simple!

Done with the basics, let's get into the technical Adsense approval requirements...

Use Functional Theme, Avoid Nulled

No matter whether you are using WordPress or Blogger, your site should be using a functional theme. What is the functional theme? A functional theme means simply a properly working theme. If your site scrolling, content structure, font, clarity, etc. are working fine then your theme is functional.

Don't be confused. Keep it simple. Use a free/paid theme from the official store like Theme forest, Envato, etc. You can use free themes with no issue with that but never dare to use a "free premium theme" :D. If you can afford to buy a theme then use premium otherwise you can simply use free themes. Download the theme from the official website.

Avoid Nulled Themes

Don't use nulled or cracked theme and plugin. You may not understand what disaster you are carrying with a nulled theme but companies like google can detect which is safe and which is vulnerable. Keep in mind, if you don't have the money go for free themes.

Proper Site Navigation

Do you like shopping in a mall without having properly placed shops? For example, if you see one cloth store is on the 4th floor and another on the 2nd floor. Will it be comfortable for you? Not at all. If all the similar shops are on one floor or one portion of the floor that is easier to navigate.

The same thing happens when you create a blog. If you are not placing your navigation menu properly and users feel that they are not finding blogs quickly what they are looking for. Then it's a big navigation issue and Adsense doesn't like this. 

Without proper navigation, your site won't be going to be approved in Adsense. What is proper navigation? Keeping similar blog/article under one category/tag and placing all the primary categories in the top navigation menu is called proper navigation. Hence users will be able to easily find their desired article.

Let's say someone is looking for cryptocurrency knowledge. If they come to Datacrap they can easily find the category from the top menu. We have put cryptocurrency, Blogging, etc. category navigation. That's how it works and you should implement it like this to get Adsense approval. It's one of the prior Adsense approval requirements hence keep this in mind.

Avoid Empty Category, Tag, Or Label

Most beginners start applying for Adsense after writing 5-10 articles. This is not an issue but by doing this most of the time they leave some categories almost empty. Let me make this clear.

Every blogger has some plan before starting their blog. I am talking about the niche and the category, and what they plan to cover. Therefore after creating a blog many of us create all the categories we have planned to cover. Now filling every category with 5-6 articles is not happening overnight. It takes time.

It is seen that someone has written 2-3 articles per category and maybe one or two category remains empty while applying for Adsense. They have a plan to write articles for those categories. 

You can't do this. I repeat you should never do this. Write at least 5 articles per category. If you are not focusing on some categories now then don't create them. It's not mandatory to have multiple categories with no articles rather every category with a good amount of articles. 

Even though there are 2 categories with 7-8 articles each you can apply for Adsense. So to sum up, if you are not writing articles for a specific category then don't create them early. And remember, don't keep any of your site categories empty while applying for Google Adsense.

Availability of Required Pages

If you are someone whom Google doesn't recognize by any means then should they index your site? What would you do if you were Google? Definitely NO. If you are blogging and already created your site, navigation, theme, and article everything is in place and planning to apply for Adsense, wait.

Did you write about your blog, yourself? Did you write something for your visitors like what information you are collecting from them, what are you writing, and what is the source of your article? Simply all about your site, your identity, reader's privacy, etc. 

Blogging is a business and you know there is a trade license for every business. The same goes for websites. There is no license but you should create some pages mentioning important info, privacy notes, terms, and contact address of yourself for your readers.

Mandatory pages for your blogs are...

  • About Us (Must Have)
  • Contact Us (Must Have)
  • Privacy Policy (Must Have)
  • Cookie Policy
  • Terms & Conditions

Create these pages and apply. Without having these pages you are not gonna get approval that is legit. This is one of the important Adsense approval requirements.

Follow To Get Quick Adsense Approval

If you follow the below 5 points and work accordingly, your site will be reader-friendly and thus Adsense will allow serving ads.

Write Creative Content, Unique is a Myth

Let's say I have written the line "My Name is Orinjoy" and you have written, " I am Orinjoy". Both are unique lines with the same information. That's what Google dislikes. 

Most bloggers don't give priority to their article quality. Scarp information from here and there and convert them line by line into their way of writing. Something like the above example. If I have indexed my above article then what's the point of giving value to your content that is unique but not original?

In short, Google loves original content, information that is never shared by anyone. Now you can say why there are big websites writing similar content? I tell you one thing, go and read them you will find the same topic but a different message. Information, case studies everything is different. 

Only if you are creating a blog for lyrics, quotes, biography, where information are static, can not be changed then it's fine. Otherwise Google always look for original. So write good and valuable content for readers you will get Adsense approval within a week after applying I assure you. 

Avoid False, Abusive, And Adult Content

Love to write 18+ content, like to write about hacking, weapons, destructive materials, abusive articles or vulgar topics? Dear friend, Adsense is not for you.

Google strictly says that they do not support abusive or 18+ content. Adult writing is against Adsense policy. Anything that are not good for society, Adsense avoid those. They will reject you with no time of they find something like this in your website.

Not only Adsense you might loose ranking on Google if you write these type of content. Write anything that is positive and not harmful for mankind. Remember, this is another important Google Adsense approval requirement.

Traffic Quality

Now it's time to talk about real scenario. Let me ask you one thing. Why you need Adsense? For earning money, right? Everyone loves money. Nothing wrong with that. But Google Adsense has some guideline in this regards. 

If you have traffic only then you can earn money. If no one visits your site who will see ads and how will you earn. Hence traffic is a mandatory part. Let's say someone indexed their article in Google and having 100 traffic from search engine. You have told your 100s of friends to visit your site regularly. 

Both of you have similar traffic but you are not going to get Adsense approval. Why? Because of your traffic quality. Organic traffic (from search engine) is mandatory for getting Adsense approval. If you have only 10 organic traffic per month you are eligible to apply for Adsense. But if your traffic are from friend's device, referral, paid, social traffic, bot traffic, etc. then you are not eligible.

Specially Google says that at least 70% of your total traffic should be organic. You should maintain this.

Google Supported Site Language

This is a very simple yet important Adsense approval requirement. Your site language must be in the list allowed by Google Adsense. Find the list here. Google Publisher Supported Language List.

Anyway, most of the common languages are listed so nothing to worry about. English, Bengali, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, etc. are the most commonly used languages and there are more. Google Adsense support all of them.

Avoid Getting DMCA Notice

I have already discussed the necessity of original content. If you are writing original content then you just forget about DMCA. 

What Is DMCA?

DMCA is Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a part of the US Copyright Law and maintains the process of removing unwanted content from the internet. If the content you are writing is against law, copied from somewhere or somewhere vulgar you might get a DMCA notice to remove your content from your blog.

If you copy someone's article they might send you DMCA notice which means you have to remove your copied content from your website. Now, what will happen if you ignored any DMCA notice if you got one. Simply your site will be nowhere on Google. Because they value copyright law and give priority to the original content creators. 

Avoid this kind of thing at a very early stage if you really want to get Adsense approval. Write a creative article.

So these were the official Google Adsense approval requirements you should follow. Write an article for your readers not for Google. If your readers are satisfied Google will rank your article instantly. 

But..... there are a few tricks that you can follow and be sure to get your site approved by Google Adsense. I have told you earlier about our special tricks and here are these. Read below, follow these and you will get benefited I hope.

Special Tricks To Get Adsense Approval

Well, don't expect magic. Things I am going to share now is not magic tricks to get Adsense approval. This is a short yet effective guide to your Adsense journey. If you follow these tips you will definitely get Adsense approval. Let's read below...

Choose A Perfect Niche

There are millions of niche to write about. What you will choose. You will not choose what you love (many people say that) you will choose what publishers like to advertise on. Confusing? Let me make it simple.

Many pro bloggers say that write about anything you like. But there is a problem. If you like to write story, lyrics, quotes, poems, essays, paragraphs, etc. which are not profitable, you might get Adsense approval but that will worth nothing.

Choose a niche that has some relavent product. Like write about health that has a huge product line. Why? Because publisher will be interested to show ads in your blog to sell their product. If your niche doesn't have any relevant product how publisher will show ads on your blog.

Always choose a niche which has at least 20 products, it will help you to get faster Adsense approval. Because Google will be benefited from your blog as well when publisher will show ads on your site. Google take 30% of the total revenue from publisher and give 70% to you. Therefore if you write something that will attract publisher to show ads on your site, Google will approve your site quickly as well to increase their revenue. 

Interesting? No one tells you this. There are a few more. keep reading...

Relevant category filled with content

Don't cook multiple items if you are a beginner cook. Rather try cooking one with concentration which can make you special. 

Haa Haa no I am not giving cooking knowledge. I wanted to make you understand that at the beginning, try to write about a single topic or cover a single/micro-niche. Like, start a blog only about "Tea" not food. Make fewer categories and write more than 10 contents per category.

Google loves this. Nowadays Google loves micro niche blogging because this makes a blog special for one single thing. This maintains the quality of the article and attracts a targeted audience to your blog. Your targeted audience might be small but they are all yours. You will gain trust and authority and sooner after you can move to a broader niche. 

Keeping fewer categories with a good amount of content is an unofficial Google Adsense approval requirement. It's not mandatory but it works, trust me.

Add your blog to Search Console & Analytics

If your site is not connected to Google products like search console and analytics, you are not getting approval for sure. It is not written anywhere but you will fail to get approval if you don't do this. Now there is a controversy. 

If google index your site from other sources then it's fine. But as a new blogger, you will face difficulties to get indexed even after adding to the search console where getting indexed by other means is next to impossible for a new blogger. 

I know many of us, apply for Adsense very early while Google doesn't even know your blog. You can't expect that they will approve you for the Adsense publisher program. So add your site search console, and analytics, apply for google news approval and when you have everything then apply for Adsense. I bet you will get Adsense approval.

Responsive Theme and design

There are millions of suggestions but you can't follow them all. So I have decided not to say anything specific rather I give you an idea of the pattern of your blog that Google will love.

The first and mandatory Adsense approval requirement is your site should be responsive. This means your site should have a flexible view on mobile, tablet, and desktop. If you visit our site on different devices it will be similar. Nothing will break. 

Some of the themes are not responsive which will make your site broken into smaller devices. Google will verify your site from every possible aspect so there is no way to escape. Use a responsive theme. Design is your choice but the text I mean font should be fast loading and clear.

Lines should not overlap each other, a navigation menu should be in place and minimal design is always preferred by Google. Readers will come to read your blog it's not a shopping mall. More color doesn't make sense rather more knowledge and information are vital. Hope you understand.

Wait for some traffic

Everyone knows Google will approve sites that even have no traffic if they are under Google policy. But I will suggest waiting for a few organic traffic per day before applying for Google Adsense. See, there is no point in getting ads shown on your blog without traffic. Who will see ads?

At least wait till you get 10-15 visitors per day. Then apply for Adsense. Google will value your application because readers are coming to your blog. Organic traffic is mandatory and paid traffic is prohibited at the beginning. 

Words From Your Mind

Don't ever dare to copy someone's content, style of writing, or structure of the article. That is unnecessary since there is no originality. People avoid this kind of blog because they are at least capable of understanding plagiarized content.

There are DMCA issues, and low-value content issues (which will discuss in another article). To avoid all these by writing original content. Before getting Adsense approval I will say you should not even read others' blogs. See YouTube if you need information. 

Watching someone's blog related to your niche will definitely have an influence on you. And somewhere your writing will be similar to one of them. Plan your writing structure before you start writing. This is not mandatory for Adsense approval but for writing original content it helps. 

Publishing Regular Content is Magic

If you are a serious blogger you should write content regularly. Now regular doesn't mean every day rather it means specific time. if you publish 10 articles per month do that in every month. Don't publish 20 in a month and next month nothing and then 10 again. This is what Google bot hates. Because they can't properly schedule for your site to crawl. 

Many of us stops publishing article after applying. That's the biggest mistake people does and I also did at the beginning. I thought, okay I have applied for Adsense now if I get approval then will write again. This is a big mistake. If you do this Google will think you are not serious about your readers. Don't do this. Keep writing even if you applied for Adsense. If Google reject your site because of irregular activity they will not tell this reason. 

These are from my experience. I am sharing with you because I expect you will follow this and if you get benefit from this I will be happy. So publish article on regular basis even after applying for Adsense.

Fast Loading Blog

This is the most important Adsense approval requirement. You already understood that Google loves those bloggers who write for their readers. And you know a slow website will take your readers away. 

Website loads under 3s is the best

A fast-loading website is mandatory to get Google Adsense approval. Because slow websites will not attract visitors and thus Adsense program will not get any benefit from this kind of slow website.

Google has introduced core web vitals compatibility which is related to website speed. We have discussed this in our blog. Read those if you don't know. 

Make sure your site is loading within 3 seconds on any device. This is a trick. If you can make sure your blog is loading within this time frame you will definitely be ahead in the way of getting Google Adsense approval.

Don't Change Anything After Applying

This is very important. If you have applied for Adsense then make sure you don't make any changes in themes, plugins, design, structure, or technical SEO. Because after applying for Adsense Google bot is going to crawl your site several times.

If you change anything crawler might get a 404 error which will lead to rejection. Adsense will tell you that your site was under maintenance and will reject your application. So to be safe, don't change anything except writing the article. 

Simply you do publish your article regularly that's it. You can do some free backlinks to your site. If you have read an article about the Adsense approval requirement you might haven't heard of it. But it is undoubtedly important to keep things as it is while in review.

Myths About Adsense Approval

There are some myths about Adsense. Like Adsense requires huge traffic on your site, lots of articles in your blog and so on which are myths in reality. Adsense never asks for this. It is simple if you want to get paid from Adsense you need to have minimal traffic, and good content and that's required for Adsense approval. 

Lower traffic will keep your earnings low that's it. There is no minimum but from our experience, we can tell that there are some unofficial things that need to maintain for getting approved by Adsense.

Let's see some common myths regarding Adsense approval.

Thousands of visitor

You have heard from so many so called experts that you need a huge traffic to get Adsense approval. I mean seriously? I should ask them where there is written that Google requires so many visitors and it's an Adsense approval requirement. 

Anyways, as I have explained above you just need minimal traffic not mandatory but helps Google to understand that you are growing and readers are liking your blog. This just sometimes accelerates the approval process in a positive way. 

Don't listen to myths and work hard. 

Numerous Content

Another common myth regarding " Adsense Approval Requirement" is you need to have 50-60 articles to get Adsense approval. This is totally fake and if you have heard that just forget. Google requires a clear idea about your blog like what are you writing about. 

If you have a micro-niche blog maybe 7-8 articles are well and good before applying. If you have a broad niche and created a few categories then you need to write 5-6 articles per category as I said earlier. You can't keep your category empty. 

Now you can calculate by yourself how many articles you need to write before you apply for Adsense. I personally prefer at least to have 20-25 articles before applying for Adsense because I believe in "Slow and steady wins the race."

Premium Themes And Plugin

The most funniest myth about Adsense Approval Requirement that you need premium themes to get Google Adsense. I won't mention the names but there are some big bloggers who usually try to make you feel that you require premium themes. 

Do you know why? For their affiliate business. They will give you 25% discount if you buy themes from their referral link. That's the business.

See, you need to follow the things I have mentioned above, and do you think for any of the point I have written requires premium themes? 

Even I got adsense approval for 4-5 websites with free themes. I don't invest at the beginning except a better hosting. Hosting is effective to keep your site fast loading. So use free if you can't afford premium don't just get demotivated early. 


It's time to wrap up. Hopefully, you are now confident enough to apply for Adsense or by now you know how to get your site ready for Adsense approval.

I hope I have cleared almost all the confusion that can come to a beginner's mind. Still to maintain the formalities of an article I am adding a question-answer part that will include the most commonly asked questions about Adsense approval requirements with legit answers/ways.

Read below and stay safe. Take care and best wishes for your Adsense journey. If you have liked the article kindly give a rating at the top. It reflects how effective our effort is... Signing off!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a guy from Google, I am just a learner and the answers I am sharing here are from my experience and research. 

  • Is Adsense free to use?

Yes. Google Adsense is free to register so far. From sign-up to approval, you are not required to pay anything.

  • How many posts are required for Adsense approval?

For a single product niche 10+ is safe and for a multi-niche depends on how many categories you have. 5-6 articles per category is good to go!

  • Can I get Adsense in blogger?

Definitely. Blogger is a Google product. But you will get less revenue share if you use the Blogspot domain. 

  • Can I apply again for Adsense after rejection?

Yes, until you get the approval. Adsense will tell you the reason behind rejection. Solve that and re-apply.

  • How will I get Adsense payment?

Through Wire/Bank Transfer. The payment threshold is 100 USD. If you achieve it by this month Google will send you the money by next month 21st.

 That's all for now. Stay tuned to inforevz.com for more.


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