Best Top 5 ISP In Bangladesh 2022 - Package Details

Best ISP In Bangladesh including Dhaka City and other divisions. Here is the list of the top 5 ISP in Bangladesh. Both for commercial and residential internet connection. Get the best offer from these ISPs at a reasonable price.

Which is the Best ISP In Dhaka? Lots of Internet Service Providers like Amber IT, Link3, BracNet, and many more are in the market. Who is offering what?

Well, there are many considerations we have taken care of while selecting some of the best ISP in Dhaka. Because everyone is not covering the whole city. Many of them are serving into different parts of the city.

So, it was not actually an easy task for us to choose the best. We are not putting like top 10 isp in Bangladesh or something like that.

We are offering a list of a few ISPs that are proven in their industry and has a huge number of positive feedback from their customer.

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You can easily rely on these Internet service providers to get the best offer, service, and support.


Choosing The Best ISP

Maybe one ISP is providing the best service in Mirpur while the other is leading in Dhanmondi. Maybe someone is best in Gulshan but doesn't have coverage in Uttara. But the best part is few of ISP have access all over the country. Most of them are corporate connection providers and costly as well.

Don't need to worry we will be finding the best solution for you. And most importantly every one of them started providing home connections. So you will get the best service from the best ISP in Dhaka.

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Before getting into the list you should know the real dirty game in the ISP industry. I am sure that you have already seen 20 Mbps, and 30 Mbps connection ads. Do they really provide this much?

Here is the twist. What they show is not real. What is real they don't tell. But we will tell you no worries. Let's know about two different types of internet connection/bandwidth.

Shared Vs Dedicated Line

Did you hear about shared lines and dedicated lines? Most of you must have heard this. If not then I will discuss but this is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing the best ISP in Dhaka.

A shared line is actually a limited amount of bandwidth shared with few users. Let's say ISP has bought 100 MB speed (Bandwidth) from BTCL.

Now they have 100 users. So they will provide 20 Mbps per 20 users with one segment. So every 20 users will share a 20 Mbps line and they might get a limit of 3/5 Mbps. So, how that's possible?

Well, you have heard about 40 Mbps 1000 taka this kind of package from different ISPs but that is not the actual 40 Mbps. Your base ISP line segment is under 40 Mbps but this might be shared with 15-20 users.

In off-peak hours (daytime) most of the users are outside of the home or in the office. During this time, the demand for bandwidth is less. So you might get more speed than usual. ISPs are playing the game here. They are offering 20-40 Mbps but in off-peak hours. In peak hours they are providing 4-5 Mbps.

I hope you have got an idea about the higher bandwidth and how they provide with low cost.

If no one is using you will get 30/40 Mbps speed as a commitment from ISP and if everyone is using then the speed will be shared.

On the other hand, dedicated lines provide actual speed. If they are saying 1 Mbps that means constant 1 Mbps. No more or less. This 1 Mbps is dedicated only for you. This type of connection cost is comparatively higher than the shared line cost but is worth of money.

Criteria To Choose The Best ISP

There are a few things that you should know and verify before purchasing a new broadband connection from your local ISP. These few things will help you to choose the best ISP in Dhaka.

  • Get an idea about the no of users who will share the same line with you.
  • Don't fall into the trap of 20/30/40 Mbps ads. These are all shared.
  • Ask your ISP how much minimum speed you will get during peak hours.
  • Check the wire quality. If not optical fiber at least asks for Cat6 cable.
  • Make sure latency is less. (under 5-6ms)
  • A good FTP server can make your life easy. For movies, games or software check the quality of their FTP server. If you are happy then go for it.
  • Some ISP provides IPTV. Though it's illegal. Still having this for free is not bad at all.
  • Check the BDIX, FB, and Youtube cache speed. Make sure these are 50 Mbps+

According to our experience, these are the key things you need to check before purchasing your broadband connection. And obviously, you can't check more than that without using it.

What if they fool you by saying that all the things you have asked for are available with us? That's the reason we are writing this article for you to choose the best ISP in the Dhaka city area.

We have tested all those ISPs (even the smaller ones) and listed the top and the best ISP in Dhaka for you.

5 Best ISP In Bangladesh (Package details)

In Dhaka city, there is around 50 ISP that are giving Internet service. Maybe the total number is more than that. But we will talk about the 5 best ISP in Dhaka that we have experienced and found legit. Among these 5 first 3 is corporate ISP provider.

Corporate providers actually provide internet for small and big organizations including banks, hospitals, etc. They hardly provide a home connection and even if they provide that is very costly. But the quality is ......... top class.

For the best quality, spending some extra bucks is okay, right?

Well, let's start with a very old and the most popular one.


If you are a Bangladeshi citizen you must have heard about BRAC. The biggest NGO in the world. BracNet is an ISP and a sister concern of BRAC. It is easily understandable that a product from BRAC will have some quality.

They actually have that and their exceptional service made them one of the best ISP in Dhaka as well as in Bangladesh.

They have covered almost all over the country. They have a strong fiber-optic network throughout the country. See the coverage area of BracNet below...


BracNet is the biggest intranet provider in the country. They have 2 Big Datacenter along with 369 POP (point of presence) which made their network backbone stronger than ever.

Some of the services BracNet provides:

  • Intranet
  • Cloud Services
  • System Integration
  • Smart Home (IoT)
  • IP Phone Solution

So these are the features and services that make them a great ISP in Dhaka as well as throughout the country and we are sorry that we couldn't provide any pricing details as they don't provide a home connection advertisement. If you are looking for the best internet service for your small organization or a bigger one, feel free to contact them.

Contact Details: Axis Delvista (Level-3), 7/1, Aurangajeb Road, Block-A. Mohammadpur Housing Estate Mirpur Road, Dhaka- 1207.

  • Tel : 880258153000,09677111000
  • Fax : +880 2 58153300,
  • Email:

Let us know in the comment section if you need more information about BracNet. Let's see who is next on the list.

Amber IT

AmberIT is almost similar to BracNet in size and coverage. But They are one step ahead as they provide home internet and have regular packages. As we are focusing on home internet today, let's see their packages...

AmberIT Package 1

AmberIT Package 2

** Prices might change while you are reading. Please see the updated pricing in the provided url of the ISP website.

As you see first 3 packages will not provide you with real IP whereas you will get a free real IP in the last 3 packages. All these connections will be on fiber optics which means there will be no drop connection and latency will be very less. You will get a smooth and faster experience.

Contact Details: Navana Tower (7th floor) 45 Gulshan South C/A, Circle 1, Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh

  • Tel : 09611123123, +88029844415
  • Email:

Let us know in the comment section if you need more information about Amber IT. Going forward to the next ISP on our list.

Link3 Technologies

Link3 is very popular in Dhaka city as they are the oldest internet service provider for homes and offices. They are very well known for their stable connection and lossless internet. They are providing service for 18 years and till now kept the recognition they earned over time.

Link3 is very reasonable for small businesses and office connections. Due to the quality over quantity policy, their home connection price is costly. But when you will experience the speed you will surely start loving their service.

Let's see their home connection packages. Most of their packages include IPTV which is a valuable addition to your media and entertainment experience.

link3 packages

Does it seem Costly? Yes, it is. But If you consider their service quality you will not regret that's for sure. If you compare them to Amber IT packages these are not bad. With 1589 BDT you will get IPTV as well where you have to pay 2500 in Amber IT. But If it is about the coverage then Amber IT will be ahead of Link3.

Rest is your choice. Get the contact details below.

Contact Details: Police Plaza Concord, 13th Floor (Tower-1)Plot- 02, Road- 144, Gulshan, Dhaka- 1212

  • Tel : 09678-123123 /16335
  • Email:

Which area you are staying in and which ISP you are using, let us know in the comment section. Coming to our 4th best ISP.

DOT Internet

Though their service got a good vibe in recent years. They started their business 15 years back. Their competitive packages make them popular among young internet users. Their packages are less priced compared to the big companies. But never think that they are faking the speed that they are advertising.

Dot Internet has covered almost all the major areas in Dhaka City. Tongi To Keranigonj, Gabtoli is the last coverage area. So Dhanmondi, Banani, Gulshan, Mohammadpur, Farmgate, Mohakhali, etc. are all under the coverage area of Dot Internet.

We know you are waiting to see the packages. Let's not wait for long. Here is the value-for-money packages for you from Dot Internet.

Dot Internet

Dot Internet

Contact Details: 350, Jafrabad, Polpar, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207

  • Tel : 01912594969 & 01612594969
  • Email:

Carnival Internet

Well, the first 4 companies we have discussed so far are the market leader for many years. But we should not avoid the new lions. Carnival is one of the promising brands in the broadband market in Dhaka city as well as in Bangladesh. They are the best ISP in Dhaka for home internet and not only in the capital but also in other parts of the country, they are available.

Carnival Internet usually started with Dhaka but now has expanded its service to another 4 Divisions Chittagong, Mymensingh, Sylhet & Cumilla.

Within 2 years they have created the floor for them in this industry. You might find their packages a bit costly but as of our experience their service worthy of money. They have family and business packages separately.

Under family packages, there is no peak/off-peak package. what you will get is stable and tension-free all day long. Let's have a look at their packages...


Under Carnival Business solution, there are many services like IPTV, Office solution, hosting service, secured business plan (Kaspersky End Point Security), and so on. If you are planning to have services for your business you can give a buzz over the phone, website, or Facebook page.

Contact Details: Uday Tower, Level 12, 57 & 57/A, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212.

  • Tel : 09612363693
  • Email:

So, dear reader how did you like the article, and how helpful it was? Please let us know in the comment box. Your comments are our inspiration to collect and serve more information to you all.

Please leave a suggestion for us or a query if you have one. We will get back to you with the feedback as early as possible.

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