Best Insurance Company In Bangladesh - Top 10 List

Which is the best insurance company in Bangladesh? Do you know which are the top 10 insurance companies in Bangladesh? If not read this article. 

We are providing information about the best and top 10 insurance companies in Bangladesh that are providing the best facilities, return, and reliability.

Many of us have a fear in mind that life insurance companies are not paying the deposited amount after it is matured. One of my uncles had lost around 4 lac taka by one of the renowned insurance companies but in a different way. 

The company assured and promised that after 12 years with a certain amount of half-yearly premium they will return around 9.5 lac taka. So after giving all the premiums on time, it was the moment to withdraw the money.

Surprisingly, after 12 years, they just returned 5 lac taka only where the deposit money was around 4 lac 20 thousand. So after 12 years profit is 80 thousand only which was not the amount they promised.


Well, this was a random story and there are a lot of stories like this. Keeping all these issues apart there are some insurance companies in Bangladesh that are free of this kind of customer complaint. 

In this article, we are presenting you with the best insurance company in Bangladesh.

Actually not only one rather we are writing about the top 10 insurance companies in Bangladesh which are promising and serving their customers without any flaw.

Top 10 Insurance Companies In Bangladesh

Here is the list of the top 10 insurance companies in Bangladesh based on their service, support & customer feedback.

  • Metlife Insurance
  • Delta Life Insurance
  • Fareast Islami Life Insurance
  • Guardian Life Insurance
  • Popular Life Insurance
  • Sonali Life Insurance 
  • Astha Life Insurance
  • Meghna Life Insurance
  • Pragati Life Insurance
  • Jiban Bima Corporation

So, here are 10. We will discuss all of this. How they provide their service, how they are ahead of other insurance companies and how much customer trusts them. 

But based on our experience we are starting with the best insurance company in Bangladesh that is Metlife Insurance Company Limited.

Best Life Insurance company in Bangladesh

though we recommend all of the above insurance companies for getting your insurance policy but according to our research, Metlife is the best. Let's know more about this company.

Metlife Insurance Company

Earlier it was named ALICO (American life insurance company) which was founded in 1868 in the United States of America. They are serving people for more than 150 years in this industry. Not only in America they are successfully operating in Bangladesh and many more countries. In 1952 they have started their operation in Bangladesh while the country was not independent.

Rather than being in the manual system, they are operating transactional events digitally. As we know most of the small insurance companies are collecting monthly premiums through a paper receipt while Metlife collects premiums through bank transfer, and mobile banking like Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, etc. 

They have different facilities like death claims, child education insurance, etc which are undoubtedly beneficial for the people. With almost all types of life insurance, they offer a Life card which is an added advantage. The benefit of this card is you can use it for medical checkups and biomedical or pathological tests to get a 20-30% discount. Which is totally free I mean you don't need to pay for the card.

Visit Metlife Website

So far Metlife has no complaints from customers against them in Bangladesh. They are the oldest and the best insurance company in Bangladesh based on their facilities, life card feature, and digital premium payment flexibility. 

Trusted Insurance Companies In BD

Already we have reviewed Metlife. Let's know about the other 9 companies which are equally good.

Delta Life Insurance Company

Delta life insurance company limited started its operation in Bangladesh in 1986. Bangladesh govt. has permitted private insurance business in the mid of 1980 which has opened the door for many other companies in this industry. 

Delta Life was founded by Late Shafat Ahmed Chowdhury who was the chairman of the company as well. His leadership has taken this organization to the next level after they have started. From then to now Delta Life insurance company's growth is upward and never falls back.

Delta Life provides provide traditional insurance coverage along with savings, Ordinary Life insurance, Gono-Grameen Bima, Group & Health Insurance. They have 1000+ offices throughout the country. Its motto is to provide services like western countries which were first introduced by the talented man Mr. Shafat Chowdhury. 

Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company

Fareast Islami life insurance company was founded in the year 2000. Till then they have no report of mismanagement and customer harassment. So this is one of the best insurance companies in Bangladesh we must say.

Fareast has a great policy to return the claimed amount of the customer. If you have completed your tenure of insurance and there is no due or missing premium, you will get the total money within one month after the insurance has matured. 

Fareast has a credit rating of AA which makes this company trusted and reliable. Mr. Sheikh Kabir Hossain is the chairman of the company. Fareast has authorized capital of BDT 1,000 million and paid-up capital is worth BDT 748 million.

Guardian Life Insurance Company

Guardian Life insurance is one of the most widespread life insurance companies in Bangladesh nowadays. They gained trust very quickly as they started their journey in 2014. Within 8 years they have created their place in the industry very pleasingly.

They have plenty of services to offer to their clients. They provide savings, early cash, children's insurance, retirement plan, investment facility, supplementary benefits, and term life insurance. Guardian life insurance company is the best insurance company in Bangladesh if you consider their death claim service.

BRAC - the best NGO in Bangladesh is the big investor in Guardian life along with Square. So you may sit relaxed and open an insurance scheme in their office without any worries.

Guardian Life pays the claimed money to the authorized persons within 3 days if any death claims come. Which is outstanding and kept them ahead of other companies.

Popular Life Insurance

Popular Life Insurance is a prominent company in the insurance industry of Bangladesh. They are leading with their quality service, reliability, and business experience. It started its operation primarily in 1994 while they were incorporated as a public company in 2000. 

The popular life insurance company has now reached 605 million BDT paid-up capital and their authorized capital is worth BDT 5000 million. The number says how big this company is. How much trust they have gained over the years where people invested this much money in their company.

They have been listed in the DSE and CSE in 2005 where all their trades are under the "A" category. The company has achieved an AA+ credit rating which is just amazing for any financial organization in the country. 

Sonali Life Insurance Company

Sonali life insurance company is a fast-growing insurance company in Bangladesh. It was established in 2013 and already reached 285 million paid-up capital.

Sonali life insurance company may not be the best insurance company in Bangladesh but they are gaining popularity among mass people very fast. 

They are providing multiple services like savings, insurance, Hajj plan, and so on. They have different savings plans for you to choose accordingly. If you are saving money in Sonali life insurance you will get the money returned within one week after getting matured.

This is the reason why Sonali Life insurance company got so popular within a very short tenure.

Astha Life Insurance

You already know that "Astha" means trust. You can trust this company blindly because they are operated by Bangladesh Army. It is a company run by the Army welfare trust.

Since Bangladesh Army is always following great discipline and so does happen in this company. At least your money won't be misused that is for sure. Astha life insurance was established in 2020 though they got approval from the govt. in 2019. 

Astha Life Insurance holds the same value of trustworthiness, reliability, and excellence as Bangladesh Army and extends these values in its operations and services. Among their services, individual insurance, corporate insurance, and micro-insurance are the best. 

Astha life insurance also accepts insurance premium payments through mobile banking, bank transfer, and credit cards. 

Meghna Life Insurance

Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited started its journey with a motto to work for the betterment of people and the nation. It establish in 1996 at Biman Bhaban, Motijheel, Dhaka. Meghna Life Insurance always tries to give their best services at the perfect and right price. They gained popularity within a very short time.

The main object of Meghna Life Insurance is to provide maximum financial safety to a person and families by giving modern Insurance facilities. Its other objectives are to turn it into a profitable savings institution through the payment of bonuses at an attractive rate.

The authorized capital of the company is BDT 600 million and the paid-up capital at present is BDT 250 million.

Pragati Life Insurance

This is a top non-life insurance company in Bangladesh. It supplies schemes like Mediclaim Insurance, Accident Insurance, Building Insurance, Factory Based Insurance, Aviation Insurance, Home Insurance, etc. 

Based on the sort of insurance and the way people want, they have created their policies so that it values people's life. Their successful journey is proof of this.

So far the company has reached a top position by getting a commending credit rating from a number of financial analysis companies. They invest in the right areas to improve their value to investors. As a result, it has become the best insurance company in Bangladesh.

The authorized capital of the company is BDT 400 million and the paid-up capital at present is BDT 85 million.

Jiban Bima Corporation

So far we have discussed the private insurance companies now it's time to discuss the most successful govt. funded insurance company that is Jiban Bima Corporation.

Jiban Bima Corporation is a government-funded and state-possessed insurance company in Bangladesh that started its journey in 1973. Being one of the best States owned Bima Corporation in Bangladesh, Jiban Bima Corporation has branches all over the country in Bangladesh. 

The term ‘Jiban Bima’ has been taken from the Bengali language which means Life Insurance. And many people of Bangladesh prefer to buy policies from Jiabn Bima as it’s a government organization. It's because of trust and Jiban Bima respects its customer's trust. 

Though they are not the fastest in terms of policy return and death claims their service is great being a govt. company.

Our Choice

If you ask me what is the best insurance company in Bangladesh, I would recommend Metlife since they are the oldest. You know what in this industry, who exist for long is the best accordingly. 

An insurance company in Bangladesh is not getting trusted by people so easily. In these circumstances, Metlife has serving people for more than 150 years which is amazing and keeps them ahead of everyone.

Hopefully, you have liked reading our article. If you think there are any queries that need to be answered please feel free to comment below. Take care, stay safe and stay tuned with Inforevz.


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