Internet Balance Check Codes - GP, Robi, Airtel, BL & Teletalk

Internet Balance Check Codes for GP, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink & Teletalk. How to check your internet balance? In this article, you will get all the telecom operator's internet balance check codes in Bangladesh. 

Airtel Intenet Balance, GP internet balance check, Banglalink data balance check, Robi Internet balance check, and Teletalk internet data check codes.

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Well, let's know what is the balance check codes or USSD codes.

What Is the Internet Balance Check Code?

This is a USSD (unstructured supplementary service data) code that is set by an individual telecom operator to identify the current internet data pack remaining. 

Internet Balance Check Codes

If you have purchased 1 GB of data pack from your operator like GP, Robi, etc and you need to know how much data is remaining then you need to dial a specific code. After a while, you will see a popup message containing the information about the internet balance remaining in your desired pack. 

By using this technology any user from any operator can check internet balance, Talktime and SMS balance, social pack balance, and other services as well.

Internet Balance Check Codes (GP, Robi, BL, Airtel, Teletalk)

Here are the codes for all the operators by which you can check your internet balance easily. 

  • GP              *121*1*4#
  • Airtel    *8444*88#
  • ROBI    *3#
  • Banglalink  *5000*500#
  • Teletalk    *152#

Internet Balance Check Codes 

These are the individual data balance check codes that you can dial and easily get the information on your remaining data. Let's know the process individually for each operator below. Read the process of your operator to know the way of checking internet balance comfortably. 

GP Internet Balance Check Codes

Grameenphone is the largest company in the telecom industry in Bangladesh. They have around 83 million users as of April 2022. 

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If you are a GP sim user you can check your GP internet balance easily by dialing *121*1*4# from your phone (feature/smartphone) easily. Additionally, if you are a smartphone user then it is easier to check your internet balance. 

Install mygp app from the play store. Log in with your GP number and you will see the account balance, internet balance, and other information in the dashboard.

Airtel Internet Balance Check Code

Airtel has around 13.5 million users in Bangladesh so far. Though they have merged with ROBI. Now the mother company Axiata limited is managing both Robi and Airtel Bangladesh. But the offers, packages, and customer base are still separate. 

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Airtel data balance check code is *8444*88# which you can dial and check the airtel data balance on your phone. Airtel also provides app service. You can find the airtel Bangladesh app in the Google play store. Like the GP app, you can log in here with your airtel number and get the information about your account.

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Banglalink Data Balance Check 

If you want to check your internet balance in your Banglalink number then you have to dial *5000*500# or *121*1# from your phone. You will receive a message or pop-up window containing information about your remaining data.

Banglalink is the most popular telecom company for lucrative data packs. If you are a banglalink user you know that already. You can dial *5000*566# to stop or start auto-renewal of your data pack when it is finished.

Robi MB Balance Check Code

Robi is the concern of Axiata Limited which is a Malaysian company. At first, they started their journey in Bangladesh as Aktel. After that in 2010, they rebranded Aktel as Robi. Since then they have gained a total of 54 million users in Bangladesh.

If you are a Robi user, you can check your MB balance on your phone by dialing *3#. It is the easiest code among all other operators, right? Well, you can also use myrobi app to get internet-related information which is available for android and ios both. 

Teletalk Internet Balance Check Code

Teletalk is the only government organization in the telecom industry. So you already know that Teletalk offers the cheapest internet pack ever. Their offer is much cheaper than GP, Robi, Airtel, and Banglalink.

Though Teletalk has issues with their network coverage if you are somewhere in the big cities then Teletalk is the best option for cheap internet. 

If you are a Teletalk user then you can check the data pack's remaining balance from your phone by dialing *152# which is very easy to remember. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to check Airtel internet balance in BD?

You can check Airtel Internet Balance by dialing *8444*88# from any feature or smartphone.

  • How to check GP internet balance?

You can check GP Internet Balance by dialing *121*1*4# from any feature or smartphone.

  • How to check Banglalink internet balance?

You can check Banglalink Internet Balance by dialing *5000*500# from any feature or smartphone.

  • How to check Robi internet balance?

You can check Robi Internet Balance by dialing *3# from any feature or smartphone.

  • How to check Teletalk internet balance?

You can check Teletalk Internet Balance by dialing *152# from any feature or smartphone.

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