Keysearch Review: Affordable & Powerful Keyword Research Tool

Keysearch Review. Is it the Best, Elegant & Affordable Keyword Research Tool that is considered as an alternative to Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest? Read the full review here.

What if you are tired of paying a high amount of money for your daily keyword research tool? It would be amazing if you could get a similar service at an affordable price, right? Definitely.  

We are kinda stuck with Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and Semrush. Because we know these are the popular keyword research tool. And who are new in this industry might find it difficult to afford these tools.

Since we need to serve our keyword research purpose at an affordable cost we always look for a keyword research tool that is worthy. If you don't know how important keyword research is read the article in our Blogging area.

Here we get confused about which one to choose. The same thing happened to me and finally, after searching a lot, I have found the best alternative of Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest.

Keysearch Review

I am going to discuss it further in detail but before that let me tell you something that will pay off in the future journey of your career.

Why choose an alternative to Ahrefs and Semrush?

Everyone can't afford BMW, Mercedes, or Tesla, right? It depends on the affordability. The same goes for everything you are paying for. Maybe you just need a personal vehicle and a Toyota might serve the purpose. So, you should buy that if you can't afford Mercedes. 

Similarly, Ahrefs is an expensive tool in the digital marketing industry. Semrush and Ubersuggest are comparatively cheaper but still not affordable for beginners. I personally don't like group buy SEO tools since there is a lot of hassle and service issues.

Ahrefs is offering a minimum package that will charge $97 for one month. What if I am suggesting you use Keysearch for $17 per month (with 20% discount - use code KSDISC as an alternative to Ahrefs that will serve your purpose very well. 

You might ask the more you pay the more the quality you will get. I would rather say the more a product is enough capable to serve you at a lower price the more you should buy that. 

It always depends on what you need, not what you get. 

I hope you understood why people are searching for an Ahrefs or Semrush alternative at an affordable price.

Let's see why Keysearch is the best affordable keyword research tool in the SEO industry. I am telling best affordable not best tool because affordability comes first.

Intro To Keysearch Keyword Research Tool

What is Keysearch? It's a powerful keyword research tool that is capable of providing you with keyword ideas, traffic analysis, competitor analysis, backlink opportunities, and many more. 

When I first started using Keysearch I was thinking, "will it be worth of service"? Since it is very cheap I was confused about the service, to be honest.

But, now I am damn happy with the tool. It is low-cost and powerful as well which serves me well enough.

How To Use Keysearch?

Let's see what the "keyword search" page looks like and what information you will get at a glance while searching for a keyword. How to use this tool perfectly.

Keysearch Keyword Research Tool

This is an example of a Keyword Research page.

Features Of Keysearch Tool

Features you will get while searching for keywords in Keysearch Tool.

  • Location-based searching (single country/all countries)
  • Search Volume, CPC, PPC, and Keyword Difficulty at a glance
  • Search Trends (Most Important)
  • SERP Analysis
  • Related Keywords with key stats
  • Filter and quick check facility

Let's read in detail how these features work and help you to get a good keyword from Keysearch Tool.

Location Based Searching

Like Ahrefs and other popular keyword research tools, you can search any keywords here for a single country/location or all countries. It gives you control over location-based searching instantly with just a selection. 

It is a very important feature for local SEO which is now a trending task for the marketer. Google and other search engines are now being optimized to show search results as per the location. Like if you are searching for "10 best colleges" then the search engine will track your location and then serve you the results based on your location.

So for a blogger, it is important to know in which location he is writing and most importantly how is the competition in that country.

In this regard, Keysearch is very smart to show you results based on your selected location. 

Stats At A Glance

When you are searching for a keyword in Keysearch, it will instantly show the ranking difficulty, CPC (cost per click), PPC (pay per click), and Search Volume in the specified country.

Why these features are important? If you are a pro blogger then you know but fut let me explain a bit for the beginners.

CPC will show you how much possible to earn from the advertisement monetization method for that article if readers click on ads. CPC $1.00 means if a user organically comes to read your article on this topic and clicks on an ad you might earn up to $1.00. 

Keyword difficulty will let you know how much difficult it will be for you to rank an article focusing on this keyword. Search volume is the number of searches happening for this keyword from a specific country.

Hopefully you understand why these data are so important for you to know before you are choosing a keyword.

Search Trends

The most important feature that every keyword research tool must have. What is search trend? See the picture below.

search trends in keysearch

If you see here, we have searched for Dog training. See the search trend here. Since October to December is Winter so there is less search for dog training methods in this period. Because people don't go outside that much. 

So, this is how you can find the seasonal keywords here and this helps mostly the affiliate marketers to check which products are seasonal and which are evergreen.

That's how Keysearch plays a vital role in keyword research through this feature.

SERP Analysis

Another important matrix you should look at while searching for a profitable and low-competitive keyword. 

serp analysis Keysearch

For the keyword "Dog Training" these websites are ranking in the search engine. Now why this is necessary to know. The motive behind keyword research is to find a keyword that you can rank by writing a good article on that.

See the list above. For this keyword, these sites are ranked having a Domain Authority of 50+. One is 25. Let's see the first URL. This site has DA of 67 and 84 backlinks but didn't use the keyword "dog training" in its article title and meta description. 

These have been marked green because there is an opportunity to beat this article only if you have a DA of 25+ and use the keyword in the title, meta description, and URL. Also if you use more methods and write more information than the first article you might rank higher.

These are all opportunity analyses that will help you to get a clear idea of what you are going to get as output after writing an article on "dog training".

Related Keywords With Filters

This is a common feature and Keysearch is well and good compared to other tools. They are not way ahead but all the required matrix and stats they are providing. 

You can filter related keywords by CPC, Search volume, keyword difficulty and many more.

To be frank, Keysearch can find more related keywords than Ahrefs and Semrush. Which is a bit surprising but their database is powerful.

So, these are the basic features for keyword research. Now let's see how it performs in competitor analysis.

There are two important thing in competitor analysis. One is finding competitor's keyword and backlink profile.

Competitive Analysis

Keysearch is good enough to snatch data from your competitors website. Confusing? Let me explain.

If you have done serp analysis you might have seen competitors are having backlinks and social shaers. Now you need to know how strong is your competitor in terms of backlinks. 

To know that you need to search for the specific URL that is ranked by your competitor in Keysearch.

If you can create more strong backlinks than your competitor you might rank higher and that works, believe me.

Another important factor is finding keywords. Now for example you are writing on insurance niche. But you are not finding keywords at all. Don't worry, Keysearch has an option. 

Through Competitive Analysis > Organic Keywords report option you can paste your competitor's domain and Keysearch will extract keywords from your competitor's website that are ranked good.

From these keywords, you can check the difficulty score to find out the best one. If you have found one search for this keyword and research in detail through the procedure I have shown above.

Ahrefs Vs. Keysearch

Ahrefs is the best industry-standard keyword research tool no doubt about that. But paying $100 monthly might not be everyone's cup of tea. 

Here Keysearch starter comes into play with their $13.5 monthly package (after a 20% discount). And if you purchase this for a year then the monthly cost will be only about $11.6. Which is definitely reasonable. 

Ahrefs Pricing

Keysearch Pricing

Why you will select Keysearch over Ahrefs? Only because of the price?

Not at all. For choosing the best keyword research tool I prefer always making a checklist of what you need from the tool. If you are a beginner or mid-level or a pro-individual blogger/marketer you are good to go with Keysearch.

Now if you are an agency and working with a lot of clients you might find Ahrefs useful but that doesn't mean Keysearch doesn't have a pro tool.

Keysearch offers Keysearch Pro which comes for $27.5 monthly (after a 20% discount) whereas Ahrefs will be around $199. Now it's up to you what to choose.

For your knowledge, If you focus only on keyword research, competitor analysis, and content analysis then there is no doubt Keysearch is well enough considering the price. 

Where Ahrefs is ahead?

  • Ahrefs can find more backlinks than Keysearch
  • Ahrefs can find more related keywords than Keysearch from competitors.

I don't find more to consider Ahrefs since I prefer the balance of cost and quality. If you ask for whom Keysearch is perfect. I will tell, everyone until you are not a digital marketing agency and you have 100s of customers and you do thousands of keyword research daily through a team.

PROS & CONS of Keysearch

Keysearch is offering all the required features that a keyword research tool must have but I have found some features that could be added to Keysearch for additional benefit. Let's see some PROS and CONS of Keysearch.


  • Easy To USe
  • Much Cheaper Price
  • Offers All Necessary Features
  • Similar Interface to Ahrefs
  • Navigation is on point.
  • No unnecessary features 
  • Best for Individual Bloggers and Small Teams.


  • The backlink database is not strong as Ahrefs
  • Position tracking and feature snippet info are not there.
  • Not for SEO Agency if they have a team of 100 people and search 1000s keywords daily.

Keysearch Plan, Pricing & Discount 

Keysearch Price is very low and affordable for everyone. Let's know about the pricing, discount coupon, modules, and codes.

Keysearch Plan & Price

One of the best things about Keysearch is its affordable price. There aren’t any competitors of the same caliber out there that come even close to these cheap prices. And these prices are without the 20% discount code and are still low!

Keysearch Starter: 

Includes all features, 200 daily keyword searches, and 50 rank tracker keywords ($17/month or $169/year)

  • 200 Daily Searches & Analysis
  • 80 Rank Tracking Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • Youtube Research
  • Competitive Analysis Access
  • Content Assistant & More

Try Keysearch Starter Annual

Includes all features, 500 daily keyword searches, and 150 rank tracker keywords ($34/month or $279/year)

  • 500 Daily Searches & Analysis
  • 200 Rank Tracking Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • Youtube Research
  • Competitive Analysis Access
  • Content Assistant & More

Try Keysearch Pro Monthly

Try Keysearch Pro Annual

Keysearch Coupon For 20% Discount

You can get a flat 20% discount by using our special coupon code and click to buy link below. So what are you waiting for? Low price with an additional 20% discount. 

Use Code - KSDISC


Get The Discount Now


I have used so many free and paid keyword research tools before Keysearch. Let's give you an idea.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • H-Supertools
  • KW Finder
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest
  • Semrush
  • Long Tail Pro

Now I can say that in terms of usability, trust, UI, database, and price I will definitely suggest Keysearch. This is so powerful and similar to Ahrefs with a 1/6th of the price tag. Why should I go for other tools? Tell me a reason in the comments.

Thanks for reading. If you are still confused then read more analysis about Keysearch below. 

Read More About Keysearch


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