How To Make Money From Blogging In 5 Simple Steps!

Every Blogger runs after money but doesn't know the steps to make money from blogging. Because no one shared the right path to make money from Blogging. Here are the 5 steps that you should follow to earn from blogging quickly.

Don't skip lines while reading because it's not only the ways of earning I have explained. It also includes mistakes that bloggers do and what steps need to follow to get rid of those mistakes and get ready to make money from blogging. 

Did you ever think that one blog can make someone rich? Did you know that even a single article on any blog can earn 10,000 USD per month? Yes, it's possible and the most interesting fact is many people make money from blogging where the amount is very high which should trigger your love for blogging.

Pritam Nagarle, the owner of the "money connexion" blog and sure job blog, earns crores of money from these two blogs. Which is amazing and you may know there are a lot of people who are earning a lot. You know tech crunch right? A world-famous blog that is built-in and earning millions. They have millions of visitors to their blog. This is what people are doing with their blogs. If they can do why not you?

Make Money From Blogging
Make Money

The most important secret that no one tells you is, that you have to wait for earning money from blogging. It's not like you started today and start earning after 2 months. Many bloggers will say that they have proof of starting a blog and earning within 30 days. 

Believe me, these are scams. Maybe they have experience of 3 years, maybe they are in the blogging industry for 5 years. It's all about experience and patience that will help you to earn money from blogging.

You just have to have patience otherwise you will see after 2 months your blog isn't getting traffic and google is not approving for Adsense. You will be frustrated which is the big mistake many bloggers do. My Formula- Wait at least 8 months and then apply for Adsense if you are new to blogging. Otherwise, you will never be able to earn.

5 Steps To Make Money From Blogging

To make money from blogging doesn't mean only Adsense, there are many other ways that many of us do not know. Even we do not know how to get approval for Adsense and for approval they wait and wait which finally ends with leaving blogging.

But if you think a little differently, you don't have to ruin your blogging career. Since today I will discuss the way of income, I will start with Adsense and there will be other ways. Let's get started ......

  • Make Money With Google Adsense
  • Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing
  • Earn Money By Showing Local Company ADS
  • Sell Digital or Physical Products Online
  • Make Money From Blogging Through Guest Posts
These are not the only way to earn money from blogging but these are the best ways as of now.

Make Money With Google Adsense

Well, I know you are gonna waiting to have this discussion. So let's learn about Adsense in detail. If your domain is at least 3 months old google has a trust value on your domain. If you have at least 30 articles it creates authority for your site to Google.

It means you have given effort to this blog. If your site has minimal colors and good places to put ads & If you have daily at least 70-100 unique visitors, it is good to go for Adsense.

If you have something in your article so that people stay on your site for a few minutes. It's called dwell time which records how much time a reader spends on your site. usually according to me if it is at least 2 minutes then it's good to go.

Friends, if all these things mentioned above are present in your blog you should get AdSense approval and make money from blogging. But to get all these things you have to work for 6-7 months. That's why I told you to wait at least 8 months before applying for Adsense.

Do You Know? : How To Get Instant Adsense Approval 

Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Have you heard about Amazon? Do they go home and sell their product? Certainly not. So how do so many people know about them? Through affiliate marketing.

This is a very popular way to make money from blogging. Let me give you an example- Suppose your blog is about reviews of mobile. Now you write about a new model, let's say, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro. Now, this mobile is being sold on Flipkart, Daraj or Amazon, and other e-commerce websites.

So you join them as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate means sales. If you can sell a product for 100 USD, you will get a commission of 5 USD.

So how you will sell them. Affiliate marketing allows you online selling. You will get a specific link to sell a specific product. If someone clicks on that link and buys that product you will get a commission. Simple as that.

What if, you put a link to that model of Amazon product in the review of Xiaomi Mobile that you published? If someone reads your review and buys that product by clicking on that link, then you will get a commission. How easy is that?

If you want to get an affiliate link, you have to go to that site and register, then you have to take the link of the product you want to sell and put it at the end or in the middle of that article on your blog. You have no more work. Whenever someone clicks and buys a product, you will get a sales commission just sitting at home.

Millions of products are being sold by these eCommerce websites. You can sell whatever you write about. It is your job to discover what people will buy after reading your article. That's how you can make money from blogging.

Earn Money By Showing Local Company ADS

You have seen ads on almost 70% of websites you have visited so far. Advertiser promotes their product through these ads and they pay for them. Now, if you have thousands of visitors to your blog daily then you can offer some small companies to convince them about advertising in your blog through banner ads. You need to make sure that those companies sell products that are related to your blog.

Let's say one of your articles is about coronavirus and got very popular. Daily thousands of people visit that article. Now you can connect those companies to this article for advertisements who are producing Doctor's uniforms, masks, ventilators, and ICU equipment. Guys, you have to relate those companies to your blog and that is the part of the research.

For example- Your article is about safety from coronavirus and you focused on using masks. So people who read your article will surely be attracted to buy masks if it is safer. Then you can advertise one mask-selling company. That's how you earn from that company and make money from blogging. Simple right?

Sell Digital or Physical Products Online

How is that? Well, you can sell digital products if you don't advertise other people's products on your site or if you are looking for another way to make money. These may include the following items:

  • eBooks
  • Online courses/workshops
  • Images, videos, or music people can use in their own content
  • Apps, plugins, or themes
If you love to write story books or you can sell a PDF of a storybook written by your friend. Write the sales rules with the picture of the book and publish the article. Someone may want to buy. Please never think about it, who will buy my book. someone will buy it, you never know. You just have to reach people with your product. The rest is God's will.

Suppose you are good in English or Math or any other subject like coding, programming, android, song, dance, etc. So make a lecture, make a CD on that. These can be done sitting in the room. Sell those CDs. If necessary, upload some free lectures on the blog. People will buy the rest later if they like. Do you love to draw pictures? Or can you make a sketch? Great, make a sketch of a celebrity and upload it to the blog.

Write down if anyone wants to make a sketch of themselves, need to pay 50 USD. People can become interested and make it. Another professional product is Android apps, games, or themes. If you can do all this, then it is a big deal.

You can easily sell them through your blog and make money from blogging. Another way is selling software. Heard about webinar software. You can sell their product and earn money from blogging through them.

Make Money From Blogging Through Guest Posts

When your site has a lot of visitors, other bloggers will want to make backlinks to your site. A backlink is to publish a post in your blog written by XYZ that will have at least 3-4 blog links of XYZ in that post.

That is how XYZ's visitors will increase. Do you know people pay for it to get links? If you have a good number of visitors, then small blogs with less traffic will be interested to get links from your site.

In this case, you can make it as a source of income. Suppose your site is tech-related. Now another new blogger started writing about tech but has no visitors. Then you can approach him to write a unique article related to your blog niche where there will be some links to his site.

For this, you can take a good amount of charge from him. This method is called guest posting. There are two benefits to this. Firstly a quality article will increase on your site and secondly your income will increase.


I hope you have understood by now that you can earn money from your blog in many ways. It's not just a blog to make money by showing ads. Rather take the blog to another level.

You can make money from blogging through a blog by showing Adsense ads, selling your own product or service, and promoting other people's sites in various ways.

Get started today. Remember, either today or never. Thanks for reading. As always don't forget to like our Facebook page otherwise you will miss new articles from Inforevz.


Hi, This is Anisha Roy From India. Doing SEO and digital marketing is my passion. I am a professional blogger and digital marketer since 2015.

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