20 Online Jobs From Home That Make Money Quick

Online jobs from home are now popular to make money fast. Here are some easy "online jobs from home" has been listed which will help to earn money online. Many of us have heard the term work from home jobs but don't know where to do it. 

Do these online jobs, really make money fast? We will know gradually.

Dear friends, this world is full of competition and no one is gonna pay you without work. And we all know getting jobs is tougher than ever in this period of time.

But how many of us really know that there are multiple online jobs from home available in the market which are known as work from home jobs that can be done by sitting at home and that actually make money fast???

Probably few of us know. Well, in this article I will make sure everyone will know about the easy online jobs from home in detail which will assist you to make money fast.

As the list is very long and in detail let's not talk more. Let's get started with the process and ways.

Online Jobs From Home

Online Jobs From Home That Make Money Fast

Here I am going to discuss 19 easy online jobs from home that can make money fast for you. These are mostly simple and some are advanced online jobs that you can do by sitting at home.

Make Money From Blogging

Blogging is one of the best online jobs from home if you want something that has long term benefits. Yes, it's a long-term process but in return what this sector will give you that is uncountable. You can earn a monthly minimum of $1000 easily. But on top of everything you have to wait and work in this area. If you don't know how to start free blogging then you can read this - How To Start Free Blogging?

So, in short, you can create a blog on any niche/topic and start writing article. After that follow the process mentioned in the above article. Before writing an article you need to do keyword research so that you can understand which topic is trending and which keywords can bring millions of traffic to your blog.

While you are writing an article please do some SEO (Search engine optimization) to rank your article on google.

Believe me, once your article ranked in google's 1st page you will get millions of traffic. Which will allow you to earn money from blogging. All the articles I have mentioned here please read once. You will get to know each and everything about this online jobs from home and you will be able to make money fast.

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? It is none other than selling online product. If you know digital marketing, then this will be easier to understand. Websites like Amazon, Flipcart, BD Shop etc are giving chance to do affiliate marketing. You can register in their affiliate program and get a affiliate link of any product that is easier for you to sell. This is one of the best Online Jobs From Home.

For example you have chosen to sell Apple iphone SE 2020. Now you can get an affiliate link of the product from Amazon or other online product based website and put it in your blog or social profile like Facebook, Twitter etc.

You can do affiliate marketing in two ways.
  • By blogging
  • By Social Media
If you do by blogging, then you can write one article or review about iphone se and put the affiliate link on that article. So people will read the article and if someone click on your link and buy the phone you will get minimum of 50 usd. Amount depends on the websites from where you are getting affiliate links.

If you start doing by social media, then its very simple. You can put your product affiliate link in Facebook groups, pages or comments related to your product. Don't put mobile selling links in food groups. Make sense right?

Selling Intellectual Products

This is one of the best work from home jobs that people don't ever think of. Let's say you are good at art. You might be good at singing or you might be a good student and very good at physic, math, accounting or other subjects. You can sell your arts, songs through CD, lectures of different subject by making video.

Where to sell those? Don't worry. Create a free blog and put your arts or class lectures trailer, songs whatever you are good at. Share those in social media. People will buy. These are example. There are multiple intellectual thing that you can do. This is a huge sector to make money online.

Earn From Google Opinion

Did you know google has one service called "Google Opinion Rewards". If you don't know, no issue. Go to Android Play Store and download the app. Here you need to complete some very simple survey. By doing this easy online jobs from home you can earn google play credit. Which you can use to buy paid apps.

How you will convert this credit into cash. That is simple as well. Sell those credits to the people who want to buy paid apps. Sell in Facebook groups.

Youtube Earning

All of us know about youtube. We use this to watch videos (movies, drama, live sports, funny videos etc). All these videos are created by different youtubers. Did you think how much is their earning? You will be surprised to know that some youtubers earning million dollars from youtube. Yes just by making videos on any topic.

Why don't you start making videos? Don't say you don't have a camera and all this. Some people shoot on mobile and upload it to youtube. They are earning. And at present This is one of the best Online Jobs From Home.

Let's see what you need to do step by step-

  • Make some videos on any topic.
  • Open a Youtube channel.
  • Upload your videos on youtube.
  • Share videos on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Wait for videos to have 4 thousand-minute watch time.
  • Monetize videos with google Adsense
  • Earn money and withdraw to your bank account.
If you don't know how to create a channel please search in google. It's very simple like playing a puzzle game.

Google Adsense

Google AdSense is an ad network program. They provide advertisements from advertisers to the publishers. Let's say you have company of shoes. You want to increase sales by promoting your products. You can go to the google Adsense program and pay them to show your product ads on multiple websites related to your product. This payment Google shares between publishers and them.

If you are a Youtuber or a blogger, you can show those ads on your blog or channel. From these ad views, Google will share a percentage of the amounts with you. On average Google shares 50/50. If Google gets $1 from advertisers for 1 ad click then you will get half from google if you show ads on your platform and people click on them.

This is how Adsense works. If you want to work with Google Adsense then you need to have a blog or youtube channel. I have discussed this two before as you already read I hope.

Data Entry Online Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs is one of the easiest online jobs from home that anyone can do with a very little technical knowledge. Only skill you need is the ability typing and reading. There are multiple websites and we have reviewd top 10 freelancing websites like freelancer.com , upwork.com etch where you can register and get those data entry jobs by bidding. Steps To Do-

  • Create a free account on a freelancing website
  • Fill up your profile information
  • Build relationships with other local freelancer
  • Bid for data entry work
  • Get a job and finish
  • You will be getting paid for the work.
This data entry job is simple. You will be given a pdf and asked to write all the lines in word files. Your work is done. Isn't it easy? Definitely. Well, data entry jobs are different types. Sometimes a pdf/word file will be given to read line by line to find mistakes.

Email collection is also a part of data entry. You will be given soft copies of visiting cards and you will be asked to write down the emails in an excel file. This is the only job in the current world that make money fast though the amount is less. May be 5$ work but you can do it easily with less time and hassle.

Application Or Website Testing Job

If you have opinion on any website or apps that you want to let them know then this job is for you. This online jobs from home can take 15-20 minutes to make money fast. Around 10$ fro 20 minutes of work. Let me explain what actual thing you need to do.

A website or apps need to be tested. Don't be afraid, it's not technical testing rather it's a survey. You will be given a survey on that specific app/website to give your opinion about. You need put your reviews that's it. It's a beginner level online jobs from home that will take few minutes to complete. After submission authority will accept/reject your survey. If they accept, you might get more than $10 per survey.

Logo Design Online Jobs

It's a technical job that you might not be used to but you can learn. If you know Photoshop then you can use your creativity to design logo for website, products, companies etc. You can either join a freelancer website or you can create a Facebook page and promote your demo work to get order from others. This is one of the best Online Jobs From Home.

All you need to do is to design a logo for your client according to his/her requirement. Software skill for this job is you need to know Photoshop and illustrator. At present logo design is a demanding job as new businesses are coming. People want logo for any business so you can do this. One logo even can earn 1000$ for you.

Graphics Design Jobs

It's similar to logo design but this area is huge. This is one of the creative Online Jobs From Home. A visiting card, product brochure, lif-let, forms, restaurants menu, posters, banners, Facebook page cover, profile photo etc you need to design. Your client will give you a theme and few text that need to be in the design. You need to use your creativity and design the thing that has been asked by your client. Graphics design includes-

  • Banner Design
  • Poster Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Restaurants Menu Design
  • Any Kind of Form Design
  • Advertisement Design
  • Billboard Design
Any kind of design with picture, abstracts and text are under graphics design. You can make money fast by this online jobs from home.

Photo Editing Jobs

All of us have heard about photo editing. Among online jobs from home this one is technical but easier to learn. We are used to with photo editing. Even our personal photos we do edit/retouch. How it will be if you get paid for this kind of work. Yes, it's amazing and people pays for this type work as well. In freelancing website you can get a job like this.

Let me tell you what kind of work you might have to do under this sector-

  • Color Correction of Photo
  • Background Removal
  • Color Grading
  • Sharpening Scan Copy Images
  • Making Passport size photos
  • All kinds of photo editing tasks
I hope you understood how this work is going to be for you. You can make money fast by doing this online jobs from home. Even you can do maximum of work from a smartphone. So what you are waiting for. If you love this, start this online jobs from home today.

Micro Jobs

This kind of online jobs are very easy to do with less money though. Amazon Turk, micro jobs, micro workers etc websites are available to find this kind of small jobs. This jobs will take minutes to finish and you can get around 50 cents to $1 for a job. Online jobs from home is so easy like this if you have passion to do.

Well, micro jobs are like sharing a photo to groups, collecting some data from google search, doing short survey, rating a product/app/page, creating testimonial, writing short paragraph about something etc. So you already understood this jobs are easy, less time consuming which make money fast and quick.

Ad Click Online Jobs From Home

This one I didn't want to share as people sometimes give negative feedback. Actually you need to join a website who gives ads to watch and pay for this. Sites like Idamoney, Ojoo etc are providing this work. It's easy to register and start working. Everyday you can work 2-3 hours.

Work is mainly, the website you are working for will provide multiple ads to click and visit.You need to click on those ads and visit the website or watch the video. For every successful click you will get paid around 10 cent. Withing 2-3 hours of work you can earn even 50$.

SEO Marketing Jobs

SEO is search engine optimization by which website/blog gets ranked in google search engine. When people create a blog and write article they don't get into the 1st page of serp. To rank higher people now hire professionals to do the search engine optimization.

Usually you need to do three thing to get good ranking in google. Do research on keywords that best suit your blog, then do proper SEO Optimization. If both are done start backlinking. If your client website is related about health then search blogs in this area which are in higher position on google. Contact them for backlink and that's how you will be able rank any blog.

By doing SEO people can earn a lot. Because lot of bloggers doen's want to waste time doing SEO. They hire people and get things done by them.

Article Writing

Do you love to write? If yes, then you can earn $1000 per month just by writing articles. How? Well do you see in many websites/blogs there are lot of good articles about anything. How someone can write so many articles alone? No they don't write alone. May be 2-3 they write and other articles they buy.

Feeling interesting? Really it is. Let's Mr. X has one website where 30 articles are available. His monthly visitor 3 million. And his readers asking for new article about 'y'. But Mr. X don't have time. So he will ask someone to write about 'y' with proper guideline and he will pay for this. May be 100 $. Because this article might bring million dollar if seo and backlink is good.

You can write article for them. Search in google "guest posting websites" or "article writing website" you will find so many to start. Or you can join Freelancer.com or upwork.com and find jobs for article writing.

Online Coaching

Online learning is now becoming popular as students want to learn one single topic from different sources. May be he didn't understand in class but after watching a video he can learn. With the help of technology teachers and learners getting connected virtually. Maybe no one knows each other but the main purpose of learning is being served.

So, how you can earn money through this? First you have to select your niche and make some videos on that. It can be math, finance, graphics design anything you are good at you can take online classes. For example you are good at freelancing and you can let other other people learn by watching your live class. From where you can make money fast. Few types/topics of virtual coaching/live class.

  • Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Financial Coaching

Professional Video Editing Jobs

Don't get scared. If you are passionate about this you can learn and earn from this area. You might be thinking that there are multiple big events management who are doing all these. How you will get work. To be frank,  there are huge number of online video editing jobs available. People want their promotional, trailer etc videos to be edited professionally.

You can get hired for doing small video editing and this will bring a good amount of money. Because not everyone is able to do videos editing. Maybe data entry is possible by 70% but in video editing it's just 5% of people knows how to do. So you have opportunities if your passion is there for this work.

Web Design

Most popular online jobs from home that make money fast. There are huge number of people who can write good but don't have website to publish. There are thousands of local business whose products are good but don't have a website for marketing their product.

There are lot of works in freelancing websites where clients will pay you around 3000 usd for creating one website according to your client requirements. This sector has huge money. If you can learn properly you can earn good amount of money.

You can learn wordpress website building and designing. It's not tough but need patience to learn. You can try this and make money fast.

Interior Design

If you are a person from an architecture/ a civil background then you can make well amount of money from 2D/3D Design. Many buildings, restaurants, and offices are being constructed which need a beautiful look inside. In short, interior design is a priority, and must do work for them.

In freelancing websites or locally, you will get multiple interior design jobs that you can do, if you have knowledge and experience on AutoCAD and 3D Max. These 2 software you have to learn and then with your creativity you can earn money online.

These are the easier and good money making online jobs from home. Now the important part is payment and assurance.

Payment System

Usually, the payment system is different from one website or organization to another. There are most common methods of online payments that are being used by many companies. Let me tell you the common payment methods.

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Bank/Wire Transfer (Local Bank Also)
  • PayTM (India only)
  • Bitcoin
  • Money Brooker
  • Amazon payment
  • Braintree
  • Stripe etc.
So you have multiple online payment options to get your money on your hand. Don't worry about payment as there are a lot of services available.

Do They Really Pay?

Yes definitely they pay and pay on time. If you are working in a freelancing website, your payment is mostly secured. If you submit your work to your client and your client accept it, payment will be done for sure. Fraud activity is around 0.01% here as client need to deposit money to the respective website where you are working. So your payment is secured provided that you have submitted your work on time and it is accepted.

It's all about trust. If people were not getting paid then these online jobs system wouldn't exist for long time. So learn and increase your skillset, start doing online jobs from home and make money fast. If you need more details about any of the jobs mentioned above, please let me know in the comment section. 

Stay tuned with Inforevz for more articles that will be beneficial for you.


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