Top 10 Freelancing Websites To Earn Money Easily

Top 10 Freelancing Websites In this year for beginners. If you are planning to start a freelancing career, make sure you watch this top 10 freelancing website list.

It was not possible to earn money online before this freelancing idea came up. It was not so easy to work for someone virtually before because there was no medium to search for jobs or workers online.

top 10 freelancing websites

Fortunately, now sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. came with a vision to connect employers and workers from any part of the world through their platform. That is why we are now earning through freelancing.

Tired of thinking about where to start? Which marketplace is good? How to get jobs? 

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Don't worry, all of your questions will be answered. Have patience and read with heart.

Why Should You Start Freelancing?

Can't find a job? So how do you live? In a recent case study, it is seen that beside study, everyone wants to work independently to make their own career and to earn some bucks as well. People are now making money by doing online jobs like YouTube, Blogging, and freelancing on different platforms.

Freelancing is one of them. People are doing freelancing jobs to earn millions of bucks. Therefore If you want, you also can earn money online from home on different Freelancing Websites. Nowadays, women are earning money from online jobs and creating an external source of income.

There are many online income websites on the internet, where people create an account and work with provided job offers. For this, you just need some skills (whatever area you are good at), which will help you to finish your required task.

If you are currently studying or spending idle time, my suggestion is, that you can start an online job. There is no other area except freelancing where you can earn an unlimited amount of money.

Can't believe it? When you can not believe it, go for it, find the real scenario and then decide. Well, you might have planned to work in online marketplaces but are not sure where to start. These 10 websites/marketplace I am sharing with you are the best in the current world. You can start anywhere in these places.

Top 10 Freelancing Websites

Here are the top 10 websites for freelancing that have achieved trust and popularity among freelancers through their transparency and support.


This Freelancing Website is very popular for online jobs. You can easily open an account on this site for freelancing work. You can do freelancing and outsourcing with an account if you want.

Outsourcing is the process of getting one's own or a company's work done through a contract. These freelancing sites work through contracts.


Your work, time, money everything will be specified. You have to post your skills on this site with some portfolio of your previous work. Clients offer jobs of different area and you have to find which job is suitable for you. 

If anything found in your niche, apply for it. If the client likes your portfolio and maybe he/she might have a chat with you and then you will get the job offer.

At first many clients will not want to work with you because you are a completely new freelancer. But when a client will work with you and you can finish the task with client satisfaction, your account will gradually start ranking higher. Your client will give you star rating depending on your quality of work and the more you get rating, you will get more work.

Always try to make the client happy. If the client is happy with you, you can get 5 star rating and you might be getting the next offer directly from the client.

If you get a job at the beginning, try to do it very nicely and complete the work before the specified time and explain it to the client. Remember, a client's positive feedback means a lot here. Other clients will be trusting you depending on your rating and earned feedback.

My Opinion On Freelancer
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 7/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      9/10
  • Multiple Job Options:         9/10


One of the largest Freelancing Websites for online jobs is, formerly Different people work part time or full time here.

If you have skills in any field, you can open an account on this site, create a profile and start working. You can work on different job area on this site, you will not have any problem if you have good skills.


Try to work in such a way that the client is fascinated by your work and you get more work from client. Freelancing marketplaces are competitive markets, where people want to do better and stay ahead of everyone else. has a mobile app that allows you to talk to clients at your leisure. Or you can get 90% features on the mobile app.

Most freelancers in this marketplace create accounts by acquiring skills. Because it becomes a little difficult for those who create new accounts on this site to find work.

So those who have gained experience working on other freelancing sites can easily get a job by creating an account on this site. Now if you think you have a good skill set, a rich portfolio of work, you can start here as well.

My Opinion On Upwork
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 9/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      7/10
  • Multiple Job Options:         9/10


It is one of the most popular Freelancing Websites for online workers. You can open an account here for free. This is a good platform for beginners.

Make a profile and don't try to give any wrong information there. You can create one account with your IP on this site. If you create two accounts with one IP then your account may be deleted/banned forever.

Unlike other freelancing job sites, clients doesn't post jobs here. You have to post the skills that you have learned. And it's called Gig, you can create 5 gigs or job services after opening a new account on Fiverr.

If you are always active on Fiverr then your job offer will keep coming. Client will analyze your portfolio & skills. If the client chooses to consider you, they will give you the job. Remember to speak in English with the client, whatever country you belong to and whatever your mother language is.

Sometimes the client can ask for a video conversations and sometimes chat on e-mail or other social media platforms. It all depends on the client when and how he will talk. There is a possibility to get a faster job on Fiverr compared to other freelancing websites. You can put a minimum rate of  $5 or more for any job on Fiverr.

My Opinion On Fiverr
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 8/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      8/10
  • Multiple Job Options:         9/10

People Per Hour

If you work or are good in SEO, software development, web development and graphics design then you will get good benefits from this site.

Because the demand for these jobs is huge in this marketplace. If you have also learned other things, you can do those as well. Create a completely free account, create a profile with all your accurate information and start working.

Try to stay active in the marketplace for a long time after posting your profile and availability. Therefore you can respond immediately if a client knocks on you. Caution: If the client doesn't get you instantly after knocking you, he might give the job to someone else.

In every marketplace, this is important to be online and active always. Because you never know what comes next & when. Don't miss an opportunity to be inactive. Your activity is a reflection of your dedication to the work.

My Opinion On People Per Hour
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 8/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      9/10
  • Multiple Job Options:         9/10

Text Broker

Looking at the name of these Freelancing Websites, it might be clear to you which type of work "" provides. If you like writing, you can earn money by working on this site.

Freelance writers have the highest priority on this site. You can create a free account on this site and if you can write well, you will get a job very easily. Your portfolio should contain some exceptional written content that reflects your experience and the quality of your writings.

Writing standards are set every year, those who can write well on a variety of subjects can see an increase in their profile rank, and those who are writing 😒😒 ... you know what happens. A rank down for them.

If you rank higher, you will get more work and less competition. Once you have a good relationship with the client, you will be able to determine the value (rate) of your own work.

My Opinion On Text Broker
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 7/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      10/10
  • Multiple Job Options:         2/10 (Mostly Writing)

This marketplace has become very popular for freelancers. This is one of the best Freelancing Websites. On this site, you can do popular jobs like graphics design, development, web design, 3d modeling, etc. Clients can also post jobs on this site, so freelancers are allowed to apply to find suitable jobs for them.

You will have to create a profile on the "" site that highlights your skills, experience, and minimum compensation requirements.

Most of the job circulars on this site have fixed prices. If you get more work orders and send the work to the client at the right time, then your membership level will continue to increase. This will get you more work with less competition.

My Opinion On Guru
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 6/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      10/10
  • Multiple Job Options:         9/10 


This platform is usually built for design-based work. Those who can do different types of designs like logo design, poster design, business card, web page design, graphic design, etc are preferred to work here.

There is huge competition in the "99" freelancing marketplace. You need to showcase your best designs here to attract clients. Thousands of designers submit their designs over a period of 7 days. Clients then select the design of their choice and give the designer a handsome price.

This site contains design competition packages for those who wish to join by paying dollars. In this competition, the client chooses the design and the designer earns a large amount of money.

So, to sum up, this site is mostly for designers and if you are one of them.... what are you waiting for. Go and join quickly. 

My Opinion On 99 Designs
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 9/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      7/10
  • Multiple Job Options:         5/10 


There is a lot of competition among the Freelancing Websites that are design based. Like other design sites, is a freelancing platform for design competitions.

It offers job opportunities for graphic designers, creative copywriters, web designers and developers. Here you can create a free account and submit your work for free to compete on the site with other freelancer designers.

If you win, 40% of your prize money will go to the "" platform. Here clients will be able to determine the price of the prize in their own way.

To get a freelance job online you need to work with competition on most of the marketplaces. This site is good for you because you will try to be better than everyone else and this hunger for being better will make you a good designer.

My Opinion On Crowd Spring
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 10/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      6/10
  • Multiple Job Options:         6/10 

Toptal is one of the top Freelancing Websites for freelancing with higher earning opportunities. This platform is great for software developers and you have to face tough competition to survive on the site.

Only the top 3% of developers are accepted in the market so the website is not as easy as other freelancing sites. Those who are experienced and can deal with various competitions can earn huge amounts of money in this marketplace.

Most Freelancers on this site are very talented and can do a great job. For this, the freelancers of this site are paid more than on any other freelancing website.

Most of the work on this site is done through various coding. Those who know to code well are building a great freelancing career by doing different things on this site.

R you a coding lover? Go & Join Toptal. Show your skills to the world.

My Opinion On Toptal
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 10/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      1/10 (For Pro)
  • Multiple Job Options:         5/10

Design Crowd

Similar to the 99 Designs Marketplace, there is a lot of competition for "" designs. These marketplaces have become very popular for designers among other Freelancing Websites.

When a designer posts his design on the market, the competition continues until the minimum design price exceeds $30. For those who can design WordPress or T-shirts, there are different competitions available for them.

If you win the competition a few times, later clients may invite you to their competition. You can create a free account on this site and you may have to pay to participate in a high-quality competition. Designers who work here have a tremendous level of talent and therefore they can earn a huge amount of money here.

My Opinion On Design Crowd
  • Difficulty Of Getting Jobs: 10/10
  • Suitable For Beginners:      3/10 (For Pro)
  • Multiple Job Options:         5/10

I wish you a piece of very good luck on your journey as a freelancer. If you have any kind of queries regarding freelancing please comment below, I will try to get back to you with proper feedback.

Stay Safe. Stay with Inforevz. 

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