10 Things To Avoid While Searching In Google

Most people who use the Internet, do a search on google for whatever they want to know as google is the world's largest search engine. But for safety few things need to keep in mind when doing a Google search. I am discussing 10 Things To Avoid While Searching In Google.

Let's say you have your MasterCard and you will never search for your card number and pin number on google. Why? Because all the data comes from google search results are not authorized by Google.

They will not take any responsibility for your activity. If you get trapped by any scammer by providing your personal information it's not the fault of Google.

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Let's make it more clear. You have searched for online transactions on Google. Now what might happen if you are unfortunate that some of the scammer's websites can come up in search results?

When you will enter there they might ask for your personal credentials like card number, phone number, etc. They will convince you by any means so that you will believe them and will provide your data.

This is how your data can be taken. So why do you need to be careful while searching? Because if you don't search for something that may include a few queries about your personal info then don't search. Here are

10 Things To Avoid While Searching In Google

Avoid searching your online banking website on Google

If you do not know the official address of your online banking website then refrain from searching on Google. To stay safe, always access the online banking website's official URL. This is because if you might enter a replica website and log in with your bank ID and password, where there is a chance of fishing or scam.

Never search in Google for customer care numbers about companies

The fraudsters create and post fake customer care numbers on various websites. Make it easy for fraudsters to make their job successful by a simple person like you. One of the most common scams about Customer Care Numbers Searches at Google. So be careful.

Avoid searching Google on your desired Downloaded Apps or Software

Refrain from searching Google for Apps or Software for Android or iPhone. Download and install the apps or software you need from the Play Store or Store of iPhone. Apps or software that is searched on Google may have malware content on it.

Avoid searching for any medicine or medical Symptoms on Google

It is important that you be alert to search Google for information about an illness. Moreover, it is very dangerous that you buy and consume the medicine based on the information given on the websites reached to you from google search.

Avoid searching on Google about personal capital and stock markets or valuable advice

Never search Google for investment plans to make you rich. So when you invest anywhere, refrain from searching on Google. You might lose everything by investing money on a scam site found in google.

Be careful when searching Government websites on Google

Scammers like Banking websites, Government Websites like Municipality tax, Hospitals etc. are the main target. So finding the original website from Google can be a daunting task.

Be careful when searching on social media websites

It is important that the social URL of the social media websites is logged in the address box of the browser you are using. If you are logged in by searching Google on social media websites, you may find yourself browsing for phishing.

Be careful when searching on Google about e-commerce or an offer

About the offers on e-commerce, Google runs a search on the Google web page. Online banking login and Detail are alluring things through such websites for fraud. So it is important to be careful.

Be careful when searching Google for free antivirus apps and software

Be careful when searching on Google for free antivirus apps and software. It's hard to find real apps and software from Google. You might end up downloading tracker software which can lead you to lose your valuable personal data.

Be careful when searching on coupon code Google, hoping to get a discount

If you search Google for a coupon code for a discount on shopping, Google can grab your online banking details at a lower price temptation by taking you to the Fake website.

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So to conclude, It is not that Google is responsible for all these scams. It is happening due to frauds and scammers. But Security should be from your side as well. You have to control yourself from Internet offers and you should not be easily tempted by offers that require your bank details and all.

Avoid entering your data into a website that is not familiar like Google, Facebook, or Amazon. Search anything but don't get involved with fake offers.

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