Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World 2023

It's not about showing disrespect to any country but in terms of financial growth, education, and facilities there is a ranking of countries. Here is the list of the top 10 poor countries in the world considering their GDP, socioeconomic condition, and financial growth.

If you see recent google trends, you will find that most people search for the top 10 richest countries, top 10 richest persons, top 10 expensive cars, etc. But what about the deprived ones? 

We should know who is deprived of daily needs, who is not getting primary education, and who is economically imbalanced. 

In this world, people are suffering from several difficulties where 1st problem comes which is money. We know there are lots of rich countries that are growing at the speed of a rocket but there are a few that are getting poor day by day.

Today we are going to make a list of the top 10 poor countries that are ranked considering their gross national income and this is made by the World bank every year.

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Top 10 Poorest Countries

Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World

Let's see, who are the top 10 poorest countries in the world this year.

  1. Syria
  2. Niger
  3. Burundi
  4. Central African Rep
  5. South Sudan
  6. Mozambique
  7. Chad
  8. Liberia
  9. Madagascar
  10. Somalia

Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World


Who doesn't know that Syria is damaged due to the war that happened in 2011? People were unhappy due to the financial collapse, corruption by the government, and unemployment. So, the people started protesting against the government which later turned into a full-scale war.

The Syrian government was backed by Russia and Iran whereas the anti-government party was backed by the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other nations. This chain war has destroyed Syria at an extreme level. 

This war lasted for 10-11 years and created a full fledge refugee crisis and most of the Syrians flew to other countries. Those who were not in a position of moving still suffering in the country. The current situation in Syria is indescribable.

  • People Under Poverty Line: 81%
  • GDP Per Capita: 65$
  • GDP Growth: 0.1% (Less In Practical)

Syria is a Muslim country and became the victim of the USA attack recently which put this country's 81% of people under the poverty line which is the highest among all the countries in the world.

After Syria there 9 more to discuss. Following Syria, Nigeria is another poorest country in the world that falls on the list of the top 10 poorest countries in the world.


Niger is located in the African continent and it's actually in western Africa. The country is surrounded by Chad, Libya, Nigeria, and Mali. 

  • People Under Poverty Line: 80.5%
  • GDP Per Capita: 565$
  • GDP Growth: 1% (Less In Practical)

Niger has lost the majority of lands covered by the Sahara desert which is not usable. They have very less access to sanitation and pure water. The population of Niger is not controlled and daily needs are not affordable. All of these problems are signs of how miserable their life is.


Burundi official the republic of Burundi is located in the middle of central and south Africa. Another poorest country and that also in Africa.

The African continent is mostly deprived of food, shelter, drinkable water, good treatment, and other daily needs. But this is the land of gold. Their natural asset is gold mines which are also not accessible by them due to their inability of mining.

  • People Under Poverty Line: 80%
  • GDP Per Capita: 274$
  • GDP Growth: 0.3% (Less In Practical)

Central African Republic

Being in the middle of Gold, Diamond, Oild, and Uranium, they are still the poorest country and listed in the top 10 poorest countries list. More than 70% of their people are under the poverty line.

  • People Under Poverty Line: 70%
  • GDP Per Capita: 477$
  • GDP Growth: 0.0% 

Since 2016, they have had an elected government but still, their poverty isn't cured. Though the economy is rising now but at a very lower pace. The recent Ukraine war also made their situation more miserable due to the daily commodity price hike.

South Sudan

South Sudan got independence in 2011 which means this is not an old country. But the civil war clash made people live in poverty and become refugees in different countries. 

South Sudan could have had a growing economy but the war along with natural disasters prevented them to cultivate crops. This is another reason why they couldn't make justice to their capability.

  • People Under Poverty Line: 75%
  • GDP Per Capita: 715$
  • GDP Growth: -10% (negative growth)

The elected government has failed to maintain growth and prosperity which made the USA take off their help and peace process monitoring. All of the above reasons are the primary cause of being in the list of top 10 poor countries in the world.


15 years of long civil war ended in 2015 when the Mozambique people thought to rise again. Unfortunately, corruption, violence, and mismanagement have caused them to be on the list of poor countries. 

They have good resources like minerals, arable land, water, and ample energy. Islamic group violence and attack in 2017 has set them back to poverty. They received a huge chance to rise up when Total US company has invested around 16 billion dollars in liquified natural gas in 2020. 

  • People Under Poverty Line: 78%
  • GDP Per Capita: 595$
  • GDP Growth: -1.3% (Less In Practical)

Due to the corruption and violence that project didn't see the light and in 2021 project fund had been revoked. This is where Mozambique got a huge fall in economy.


Chad is another African nation being in the list of poorest countries. This country is also rich in oil reserve and which is the reason people of Chad were looking at the growth in their economy. But the illegal government, cue of military etc, made everything left untouched.

  • People Under Poverty Line: 78%
  • GDP Per Capita: 820$
  • GDP Growth: -0.9% (negative growth)

Within 3 years of being in power, Deby has finished all the money/fund to stay in power and to destroy the oponents. At last he was killed but situation never changed. Still majority people are poor and recently they are trying to recover since the oil price got high in the world market.

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Liberia is a west african nation born in 1822. its recent history is marred by a coup in the 1980s, which followed with years of civil war, a repressive government under Charles Taylor until 2003 and then a serious outbreak of Ebola in 2014. 

  • People Under Poverty Line: 93%
  • GDP Per Capita: 525$
  • GDP Growth: -2.9% (negative growth)

Liberia is facing an inter conflict which forced millions of Liberians liveing under poverty. Recent stats from WFP (World Food Programm) shows that more than 1.3 million people of Liberia is having extreme poverty. 


Since Madagascar got independence from France in 1960, they are living hand to mouth. Majority of the people living in Madagascar are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. 

  • People Under Poverty Line: 97%
  • GDP Per Capita: 496$
  • GDP Growth: -4.2% (negative growth)

Political insability, violence and economical instability by the government made them be the poorest nation placed in the top 10 list. Though there is a sign of recovery in recent years but the corruption and the effect of civil war and internal conflict, Madagascar has a long way to go.


Another african nation in the list. Following the aftermath of civil war and prolonged conflict, Somalia is now one of the most impoverished nations in the world. This is largely due to the collapse of the Somali Democratic Republic in 1991, an event that divided the country. War waged, killing thousands of native Somalis.

The World Bank says, Somalia could have a brighter future: “Rapid urbanization, growing use of digital technologies, planned investments in sectors such as energy, ports, education and health can support economic growth and job creation.

  • People Under Poverty Line: 70%
  • GDP Per Capita: 309$
  • GDP Growth: -1.5% (negative growth)

Natural disasters like frequent droughts and floods followed by famine and disease, lack of access to health services, massive levels of unemployment among especially young people —Somalis are in huge danger. Around 80% of the Somalis are in the poverty and it is increasing unfortunately.

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So to wrap up, it feels bad to write about the countries who are in poverty. Because this research actually makes thing difficult to accept. Since the african nations has started going down economically, this list of poorest country got filled with the names of African nations more. 

Let's hope for the growth of these nations and prosperity in future.

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